In June, pilgrimage to Köyliö in honor of Saint Henry, patron of Finland

Every year, in June, the Catholic Diocese of Helsinki organizes a pilgrimage to Köyliö, to the place where Saint Henry, patron of Finland, was martyred. There are actually two pilgrimages at the same time: a one-day pilgrimage by bus (June 17th) or a three-day pilgrimage on foot (June 15th-17th).
It is said that a pagan peasant killed bishop Henry while he was travelling over the ice of Lake Köyliö. Already in medieval times, an artificial island was built on that spot in the lake and a chapel was erected upon it. There is not much left of the chapel, but the small island, ”Kirkkokari”, can be reached by row-boats, and a Holy Mass is celebrated there every year. The pilgrimage is in Finnish. Welcome!


Friday June 15

The bus from Helsinki leaves at 17:00 from Saint Mary’s church and takes us to Yläne, where we will stay the night at the Yläne community hall.
Saturday June 16
Walking from Yläne to Kankaanpää, where we will stay the night at a local school.
Sunday June 17
Walking from Kankaanpää to Köyliö. The Holy Mass at Köyliö, Kirkkokari, at 13:00. At ca. 15:00 the bus will leave for Helsinki.

What you need for the pilgrimage:
Good walking shoes; sleeping bag; earplugs; rosary; small backpack so you can carry your food and drink on the way. (On Saturday, after breakfast, we will prepare sandwiches for Saturday’s lunch).
The luggage, sleeping bags etc. that you need for the overnight stay will be transported by car from Yläne to Kankaanpää and from there to Köyliö, so you won’t have to carry them during the day.

Cost: 75 EUR (40 EUR for food and accommodation, plus 35 EUR for the bus). This can be paid either to the bank: Katolinen Kirkko Suomessa, Nordea FI35 2219 3800 0008 68, reference: ”Köyliön vaellus”, or by cash during the pilgrimage.

Registrations by June 7: Saint Bridget’s and Blessed Hemming’s parish, tel. 02 231 4389, or Fr. Dung, 045 2571 280.


The bus leaves from the Cathedral of Saint Henry at 9:00 and stops at Saint Mary’s church at ca. 9:15 (both at the bus stop of bus no. 18 in the corner of Mäntytie, and at the bus stop by ”Allergiatalo”). On the way to Köyliö, we will stop for a coffee break in Humppila. In Köyliö, a small ferry and/or boats will take us to the island ”Kirkkokari”, and the Holy Mass will be celebrated there at 13:00. After the Mass, there is a possibility to buy coffee, sandwiches, etc. prepared by the local village committee. We will be back in Helsinki at ca. 18:00.
Cost: 25 EUR for the bus trip (this fee will be collected in the bus), AND 3 EUR for the boat fare in Köyliö.

Registrations by June 13: Catholic Information Centre, tel. 09-6129470, or by email Kindly also mention where you will get on the bus (Saint Henry’s or Saint Mary’s).