Marian Pilgrimage / Mariaaninen pyhiinvaellus

pilgrimageMarian Pilgrimage from Lohja to Stella Maris, Sept. 5-6, 2015

On the route from the gorgeous medieval church of Saint Laurentius, Lohja, towards the Diocesan Centre at Stella Maris, Paksalo, the landscape progressively changes. The route take us from the ever-present Finnish lake, whose shore has to be followed during a significant part of the walk, to farmland, from small hills immersed in the forest, to open flat fields full of cows and horses. But even along dusty roads and highways. The route continues through deep forests and past beautiful farmhouses.

Enrollment and information (deadline August 20th): 38€ (includes bus fare, accommodation and meals at Stella Maris). Contacts: Lucia Indren: (040 414 5861) or Pablo Sopelana: (050 317 3392). Organized by the Welcoming Team (based in the Studium Catholicum) and supported by the Diocese, St. Henry’s Cathedral Parish, St. Mary’s Parish, Stella Maris, and Caritas Finland.

Mariaaninen pyhiinvaellus Lohjalta Stella Marikseen 5-6.9.

Lauantaina 5.9. kävely Lohjalta Stella Marikseen. Sunnuntaina 6.9. retretti ja sunnuntaimessu. Uskon syventäminen ja yhteyden vahvistaminen Jumalaan Marian kautta! 38 euroa (sis. bussikuljetukset, yhteiset ateriat Stella Mariksessa sekä yöpymisen). Voit myös auttaa meitä sponsoroimalla toisen pyhiinvaeltajan! Ilmoittautuminen ja tietoa (20. elokuuta mennessä): (040 414 5861) tai Pablo Sopelana: (050 317 3392).