Membership Fee of the Church – Directive 2018

Dear members of the diocese,

Recent economic changes, including new rules about priests’ salaries, have resulted in many questions among members of our diocese. People may particularly wonder how the Church in Finland will survive under the new circumstances. Therefore, I wish to clarify how the members of the diocese can support the Church financially. At the same time, I also want to underscore their obligation in this matter.

In the Catholic Church, every parishioner is obligated to support the Church and the parish, also financially, according to his or her ability. In the Catholic Diocese of Helsinki, starting from the beginning of year 2018, this is implemented as follows:

Every Catholic above 18 years of age has the obligation to pay 1,5% of his or her taxable income to the membership fee bank account of his or her own parish. (Obviously, one does not need to pay, at least the full amount, if under grave economic hardship). The recommended method of payment is a monthly automatic transfer to the membership fee account of the parish.

Each parish regularly gives about 10% of the income it has collected to the use of the diocese. The diocese needs this income for upkeep of common functions, including, among other things, supporting those parishes which are not financially independent.

This guideline does away with all previous directions about financial support for the Church. However, one may still also support the diocese directly, just as before. Also, members of the diocese are still obligated to pay the annual subscription fee for the diocesan newspaper Fides, which is sent to every Catholic home.

Thank you to all those that already support the Church!

Helsinki, Jan. 8, 2018

+ Teemu Sippo S.C.I.

Bishop of Helsinki

Account Numbers 12/2018

Pyhän Henrikin katedraaliseurakunta
Sankt Henriks katedralförsamling | St Henry’s Cathedral Parish
Jäsenmaksutili: FI61 1014 3000 2118 01 Viite: 1009

Pyhän Marian seurakunta
Sankta Maria församling | Saint Mary’s Parish
Jäsenmaksutili: FI65 1023 3000 2047 89 Viite: 90010

Pyhän Birgitan ja autuaan Hemmingin seurakunta
Sankta Birgittas och salige Hemmings församling |
Saint Bridget’s and Blessed Hemming’s Parish
Jäsenmaksutili: FI40 1547 3000 0005 98 Viite: 90010

Pyhän Olavin seurakunta
Sankt Olavs församling | Saint Olav’s Parish
Jäsenmaksutili: FI65 1045 3000 1121 43 Viite: 90010

Pyhän ristin seurakunta
Heliga korsets församling | Holy Cross Parish
Jäsenmaksutili: FI08 2236 1800 0045 66 Viite: 90010

Pyhän Ursulan seurakunta
Heliga Ursulas församling | Saint Ursula’s Parish
Jäsenmaksutili: FI75 1555 3000 1245 12 Viite: 90010

Nasaretin pyhän perheen seurakunta
Heliga familjens av Nasaret församling | Holy Family of
Nazareth Parish
Jäsenmaksutili: FI52 1374 3000 1083 81 Viite: 90010

Pyhän Joosefin seurakunta
Sankt Josefs församling | Saint Joseph’s Parish
Jäsenmaksutili: FI30 1555 3000 1245 46 Viite: 90010

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