The Diocesan Feast on August 11th in Lohja

The Diocesan Feast will be celebrated in the medieval Saint Lawrence church of Lohja and at the Vivamo course center on Saturday,
August 11th.


11.00 Holy Mass in the medieval Saint Lawrence church of Lohja
12.00 presentation of the new hymnal of the Diocese; introduction to the history of Saint Lawrence church
13.15 Lunch at Vivamo course center (Vivamontie 2, Lohja): 10 EUR/adults, children free
15.00 Marian prayer and blessing by the Bishop
15.45. coffee
16.15. departure

It is necessary that all (ALSO those coming by their own car) register for the Diocesan Feast in their own parishes in order to ensure that enough food is prepared for lunch. The lunch costs 10 EUR /adults.

From Helsinki, the bus leaves from St. Henry’s Cathedral at 9.30 (15 EUR), registrations to the parish 09-637853. The bus from St. Mary’s church leaves at 9.30 (15 EUR/adults, 10 EUR/children), registrations 09-2411633.