Where Can I Go to Mass in Finland?

There are 8 Catholic parishes in Finland: two in Helsinki (St. Henry’s Cathedral and St. Mary’s parish), one in Turku (Birgitta), Tampere (Risti), Jyväskylä (Olavi), Kouvola (Ursula), Oulu (Perhe) and Kuopio (Joosef). All these parishes cover a larger area of neighbouring cities and towns as well. Catholic Masses are regularly celebrated also in many towns where there is no Catholic church, often in a Lutheran or Orthodox church or parish hall. Please find an alphabetical list of these towns (in brackets the parish to which they belong) below.

There are also two Catholic chapels/churches where there is no resident priest, but the priest travels there regularly to celebrate Mass: in Pietarsaari (Pyhän Mikaelin kappeli/St. Michael’s chapel) and in Vaasa (Pyhän sydämen kappeli/Sacred Heart of Jesus Chapel), both belonging to the parish in Tampere.

NB: Fr. Leonard Wobilla Shwei is the Chaplain for the African Chaplaincy in Finland and celebrates Mass for Catholics from Africa every Sunday at 12.45 in St. Mary’s church, Mäntytie 2, Helsinki.(Fr. Leonard’s contact information: St. Henry’s Cathedral Parish, Pyhän Henrikin aukio 1 A, 00140 Helsinki, phone 040-849709, e-mail leobiwo@yahoo.fr or African Chaplaincy e-mail: acc@katolinen.fi)


1) Parishes and their regular Mass schedule

Contact information of the parishes and their Mass times here

2) Mass is celebrated also in:

Ahvenanmaa/Åland: Lutheran church, St.Mårtensgården, Hindersböle (parish: Birgitta, Turku)

Espoo: Olari chapel, Kuunkehrä 4 (parish: Maria, Helsinki)

Eurajoki: Lutheran church, Kukkapolku 2 (parish: Birgitta, Turku)

Hamina: (in a private home, ask more information from parish: Ursula, Kouvola)

Hyvinkää: Lutheran church, Uudenmaankatu 13 (parish: Maria, Helsinki)

Hämeenlinna: orthodox parish hall, Matti Alangon katu 11 (parish: Risti, Tampere)

Joensuu: Kaislakatu 6 (parish: Joosef, Kuopio)

Kajaani: Orthodox church, Kirkkokatu 17 A (parish: Perhe, Oulu)

Karjaa: Lutheran church, Lärkkullantie 26 (parish: Maria, Helsinki)

Kemi: Lehtokatu 31 (parish: Perhe, Oulu)

Kokkola: Orthodox chapel, Katariinankatu 3 (parish: Risti, Tampere)

Kotka: Orthodox parish center, Kymenlaaksonkatu 2 (parish: Ursula, Kouvola)

Kristiinankaupunki: (in a private home, ask more information from the parish: Risti, Tampere)

Lahti: Orthodox church (parish: Ursula, Kouvola)

Lappeenranta: Orthodox church at Linnoitus (parish: Ursula, Kouvola)

Lieksa: Tukipiste, Asema-aukio 2 (parish: Joosef, Kuopio)

Lohja: Stella Maris, Sirkkoontie 22, 09630 Koisjärvi, more information: www.stellamaris.fi, 050 305 5304, stellamaris@katolinen.fi)

Mikkeli: Jääkärintie 1, Building 9, 50150 Mikkeli (parish: Joosef, Kuopio)

Pietarsaari: Pyhän Mikaelin kappeli/St. Michael’s Chapel, Kappelintie 5 (parish: Risti, Tampere)

Pori: Orthodox church, Maantiekatu 46 (parish: Birgitta, Turku)

Porvoo: Orthodox church in Tattarinmalmi (parish: Henrik, Helsinki)

Rovaniemi: Ounasvaarantie 16 (parish: Perhe, Oulu)

Savonlinna: Orthodox church, Erkonkatu 11, 57100 Savonlinna (parish: Joosef, Kuopio)

Seinäjoki: Lutheran Lakeuden Risti church, Ala-Kuljunkatu 1 (parish: Risti, Tampere)

Tornio: Lukiokatu 1 (parish: Perhe, Oulu)

Vaasa: Jeesuksen pyhän sydämen kappeli/Sacred Heart of Jesus Chapel, Rauhankatu 8 C 22 (parish: Risti, Tampere)